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Nail Making Machine

The Common Type Automatic Nail Making Machine is specially designed to make the common nails. We have all types nail making machine for making the nails length from 1 inch to 8 inch. Generally, the 1-4 inch and the 1-6 inch is the best choices for the nail manufacturing industry beginners.


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Common Nail

Common Nails are mainly consist of three parts: a wide head, a smooth shank and a dimoud-shaped point.

The common Nail Head, Shank, Point  are:

  • Nail Head: Circular Flat, Double Head, Dimond Head, Spring Head
  • Nail Shank: Smooth Shank, Ring Shank, Screw Shank, Square Twisted Shank
  • Nail Point: Dimond Point, Dimond Point offset, Round Point

Common Nail Production Line:

Common Nails Production Line Contains the below several Process:

  • Material: Original 6.5 mm in diameter Q195 & Q235 Carbon Steel
  • Frequency Conversion Wire Drawing Machine: To draw the original 6.5 mm Carbon Steel to small diameter wire rod like 4.5 mm, 3.8 mm, 3.4 mm, 2.8 mm.  The quick-wear parts are: Different size drawing mould, drawing powder.
  • Nail Making Machine: Put the small diameter coiled rod on a wire reel, then feeding it into the common nail making machine. Our Automatic Nail Making Machine can form the Nail Head, Nail Shank, Nail Point with one time cutting. The quick-wear parts are: Nail Die Cutter, Nail Gripper Mould, Nail Punch Pin.
  • Nail Polishing Machine: Put the semi-finished nails into the polishing drums, it will remove the dust iron of the semi-finished nail surfaces. The finished wire nails are bright and surfaces are very smooth. 
  • Nail Packing: Generally, there are two ways for packing the common nails, they are Plastic Bag Packing and Paper Box Packing. This is mainly depending on the final customer’s requirements and buying habit.

Automatic Common Nail Making Machine

Generally, the 1-4 Inch Nail Making Production Line and 1-6 Inch Nail Making Production Line are the popular choices for our clients. More than 80% foreign clients choose to manufacture the 1-4 Inch common nails or the 1-6 Inch common nails.

Below are the proposals for setting the Basic Nail Making Factory:

1-4 Inch Nail Making Production Line:

  • Nail Making Machine   Z94-2C
  • Nail Making Machine   Z94-4C
  • Nail Polishing Machine with capacity 1000 kg
  • Nail Mould Grinding Machine

1-6 Inch Nail Making Production Line:

  • Nail Making Machine   Z94-2C
  • Nail Making Machine   Z94-4C
  • Nail Making Machine   Z94-5C
  • Nail Polishing Machine with capacity 1000 kg
  • Nail Mould Grinding Machine

Semi-finished Nail Making Machine:

Painted Finished Common Nail Making Machine:

Company Profile:

Conail Machinery And Equipment Co.,Ltd is established in the year 1995 and located in Shanghai City, China. With more than 30 years’ development, CONAIL now is a famous brand among the nail making industry with its mature technical and great after-sales services.

Our main products are Wire Nail Making Machine, Wire Drawing Machine, Nail Coiling Machine, Screw Shank Nail Rolling Machine, High speed nail making machine, Roofing Nail Making Machine, Nail Packing Machine, U type Nail Making Machine, Chain Link Fence Making machine, Duplex Nail Making Machine, Barbed Wire Making Machine, Hog Ring Staple Machine, Wire Staple Pin Making machine, Automatic Razor Barbed Wire Machine, Copper Coated Coil Nail Welding Wire, Nylon Plastic Screw Anchor Assembly making machine, Cable Clip Nail Making Assembly Machine etc. And High Quality Machine Spare Parts: Wire Drawing Material, Wire Drawing Mould, Wire Drawing Powder, Nail Mould, Nail Cutter, Nail Punch Pin, etc. As an old machines factory, quality with reasonable price are always are developing target. CONAIL people can ensure all the machines you bought are brand new with good quality, well tested and packed.

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