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Nail Type

In general, the common nails consist of three main parts, they are the Nail Head, Nail Shank and the Nail Diamoud.

#01 The Common Wire Nails

Common Nails are shown as a wide head, a very smooth shank amd a diamond point treatment.


  • One of the most commonly used steel nails and big range using ways
  • Q195 & Q235 Standard, strong enough for heavey projects
  • Great Holdding Strengh with bending resistance ability
  • Complete Length and diameter are avaliable.
  • Surface Treatment: Bright, Polished and Galvanized.
  • Manufatcure Standard: ASTM F1667, ASTM153.

#02 Double Head Nails (Duplex Nails)

Double Head Nails, also named as Duplex Nails. It is specially designed for the temporary fixing. It is very easy to remove after the construction projects finished.


  • Specially Designed for Temporary Projects
  • Double head structure for easy dismantlement
  • The higher head remains exposed
  • Strong enough as the common nails
  • Great Holding strength and bending resistance
  • Manufacture Standards: ASTM F1667, ASTM A153.

#03 Coil Nail

The main type of coiled nails are consist of three types: Coiled Smooth Shank Nails, Coiled Ring Shank Nail and Coiled Screw Shank Nails.


  • Coiled Nail can be used in the Coiled Nail Guns
  • Very High Efficient Operation together with the Nail guns
  • Resistant to rust for long time and out door using 
  • Tighter hold power and durability increased.
  • Surface Treatment: Bright, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Electro Galvanized

#04 Roofing Nails

Roofing nails, also named umbrella Head Nails, has two main types, twisted shank roofing nail and the smooth shank roofing nail.


  • Since the Roofing Nails is big and concave, which can prevent the roofing sheets from tearing off around the head of the nail
  • Add the Rubber/Plastic Washer for addtional stability & adhension
  • Length definition is from the roofing point to the underside of the nail head

#05 Ring Shank Nails

Screw nails, a special type of nails with helical shanks resembling screws, can be driven like a nail but also offer a strong holding power like a screw .


  • Easy to drive inside
  • Offer great grip force, resistant to withdrawal
  • Easy to remove if necessary
  • Can be used to make the screw shank coil nails
  • Complete Styles, Sizes are provided


#06 Hog Ring Staple

C/D/M hog ring staple can be collated for pneumatic hog ring guns operation or loosepacked in a plastic bag for working with hog ring pliers.


  • Versatile for indoor & outdoor fastening projects
  • Offer a more secure connection than traditional nails
  • Adaptable to hog ring pliers or pneumatic hog ring guns
  • Heavy duty steel wire is resistant to tear free
  • Galvanized or copper plated for rust resistance

#07 Barbed Wire Nails

Barbed Wire Making Machine is used to produce the Barbed wire, which is widely used for protection usage, playground fence, livestock feeding or national boarder, agriculture, animal husbandry, expressway, etc.


  • Easy Machine Installation, just Manually is enough.
  • Steel Cover on driving shaft for safety machine operation
  • Mature machine structure design, saving material and high capacity
  • Couting System to count the number of barbs and calculate length of barbed wire
  • Botton switch to start and stop the machine easily
  • Quick and easy rolling extraction for the machine output process
  • Guiding system to avoid wire snarls

#08 U types Nails

U nails, with two-pronged shanks, are usually used for attaching the mesh fences to wooden posts and frame, hence the name fencing staples


  • Designed for gardening & agriculture
  • U shaped head for binding the wires in position
  • Slice cut sharp point for easy operation
  • Great staying power and resistant to bending
  • Polished, copper-plated & galvanized for rust resistance
  • Standard: ASTM F1667, ASTM A153

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